The group meets once a week for three hours in the evening. There are currently thirteen operators in the group and a session could have anywhere from four to nine operators in attendance on any given night depending on which layout is involved, and of course, other human factors. Recently the ROG (Retired Operations Group), a sub-division of the CSOG made up of the retired operators, was formed. This group meets once a week in the morning for three hours. The layouts are all HO scale wireless DCC and sessions are conducted as close to prototypical operation as possible. The Dispatcher and Yard Master control most of the activity. The Dispatcher oversees the train movements around the layout from his dispatcher board. Radios are used and the form of control probably most closely resembles prototypical DTC (Direct Traffic Control). The Yard Master operates the main freight yard making all the necessary switching assignments to break down incoming trains and construct outgoing trains. An Assistant Yard Master is employed occasionally when heavy volume dictates. The car routing system for a train includes car cards, waybills and a write-up which describes the overall train assignment. These items are provided by the layout Superintendent and are used by the conductors in the conduct of business operations. The engineers operate the locomotives as directed by the conductor. On some runs the conductor and engineer are one. Five to six different trains could be in operation at the same time and approximately twelve trains could be run during a session. Some trains, a local freight, a turn or a transfer for example, might take the entire session to complete its assignment because of main line traffic.



Photo- Long Island Railroad GP38 hauling custom built P72 coaches across a river girder bridge on Ward's layout.



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